Saturday, October 8, 2011

So Much to Read....Not Enough Time

Ack! What was I thinking when I took it upon myself to set up the huge giveaway. It has started to runaway from me as more and more sponsors are generously donating to it. To top it all off at the last minute I come up with the idea to giveaway books (being a book blog and all). It isn't so bad and I shouldn't complain. I now have a huuuuuge list of book to read. I can't even say they are on my TBR list. These are more like on my have to read list. I've promised so many of these wonderful indie authors to read and review their books. I'm backed up all the way to mid December!!! And what do I do? I greedily request more review books. Ugh I feel like Augustus Gloop greedily drinking up the chocolate and about to fall in and get stuck in that pipe! Ah well isn't that how all readers would like to go? I mean drowning in a sea of books though landing in a river made of chocolate wouldn't be so bad either! I am happy because I have a lot of interviews lined up. I'm putting all of my books from publishing houses to the back burner till I get caught up on all the reading I have to do. My goal is read 2 books a week. Rather than my current average of one book every 2 weeks LOL. If that means I have to forgo sleep so be it! Once I am done with all the work behind the giveaway that should free up more time to read....oh and if you are someone looking to donate to the giveaways please don't take this post the wrong way. I would still love it if you would sponsor me. Just keep in mind I may not be able to post your feature/review/interview till after the giveaway.

Oh in case you are wondering what I am reading right now....yes it is one of the books that I will be giving away. It's called That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley. I am really enjoying it so far! Take a look at that cover! Hello? How awesome is that? Ah the cover whore in me approves!

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