Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Review- B is for BuffleHead by Steve Hutchcraft

In an effort to get my 4 year old to love reading I've decided to read him two-three books a day. So prepare for lots of children's books reviews Along with the usual YA/adult book reviews

I received a netgalley copy of B is for Bufflehead. I was immediately taken with the gorgeous pictures. Brightly colored and wonderfully detailed photographs of each bird fill each page. The book tell the ABC's by introducing children to many different birds and their names from the different letters of the alphabet. Accompanying them are descriptions of each bird.

The descriptions of each bird are short but long enough for the child to learn all about the bird and what distinguishes it from other birds. Unfortunately for my son the descriptions began to get to be too much so I had to switch to just telling him the bird a a few of the facts. However for older children or those with a greater attention span should have no problem keeping up. Also another thing I love is in the back of the book is a section where children can take the who's who challenge and see how much they remember about each bird.

I would recommend this book for any child who loves birds, nature, or beautiful photographs.  Even adults will enjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures. I wish a had a few of them framed to put up on my walls! Though for some children with short attention spans  may have problems if you read every word it is still a wonderful book to own and teach you little ones about birds. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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