Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Hunger Games

    So about a week ago I finally got around to reading The  Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I know that it has been out for a while and that it has been reviewed by a number of people but it was just so good I had to post. While I found the cover to be kind of boring it almost had a military feel to it that went perfectly with the book.

     I wont give a summary of the book as most people have either read the book already or know about it. I just wanted to say to those who avoid reading books because of hype or because they are YA books that you need to give this one a shot. It was fairly well written though some parts I felt were a bit hokey. Overall I enjoyed it and it left me wanting more. I know people have been disappointed with the next two books so I'm holding off for now on reading them. Did you enjoy the next two books?


So I haven't had an update in a while but am working right now on getting the blog up and running. I have some wonderful books I've won that I plan on reviewing on here. I am also hoping to get in contact with some amateur authors to do some interviews. If anyone has a short story or the like they would like me to feature on here please feel free to contact me at mommywantstoread@gmail.com . I'll be hosting my first giveaway next week. Whoo-hoo!