Book Review Guidelines

I am not fan of books with overly graphic sex scenes. If your book is more than 30% graphic sex scenes then I most likely will not want to read your book. I prefer romance, young adult, new adult, thriller, sci-fi, horror, cookbooks, mysteries and children's books.  

All picture books will be read with my son. My reviews of said books will reflect how well he does with them. He is severely learning disabled so that will be factored into my readings. Any other children's books will be read and reviewed soley by me. I may try reading simple chapter books with my son in the near future.

All books must be provided by the author/publisher. I prefer ebooks but will read physical copies of books. I am indie author friendly and I am also a fan of sites like wattpad/smashwords. 

If you would like me to review your book/short story please send me an email at