Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogmania VS Blogfest

So now that both Blogmania and Blogfest are long over I've had plenty of time to reflect on them. I did win with both of them. With Blogfest I won an ebook and a hard cover book. With blogmania I won a prize pack of well meh gifts. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to have won something.

     I think that blogmania had much nicer gifts and a greater variety of prizes. However it was very disorganized. I know of one blog that was completely left off of the list of participating blogs till mid afternoon of the first day. So there were conflicting lists of blogs. Only a few blogs seemed to forget that they were going to host giveaways.

    While Blogfest did not have that great a variety of items (the majority of prizes were books) the checklist of participating blogs was sheer genius. I've been spoiled. That checklist was a lifesaver. I could walk away and not worry where I left off. I could write notes for each blog  like come back if they said they were adding more items the next day to the giveaway. Unfornatley with Blogfest there were a number of blogs that posted VERY late or not at all.
   For me personally the clear winner was Blogfest. One constant list that I could check off of is what won it. I'm very unorganized person in my personal life. So when I work or do things like this I like to be very organized. I could not stand that in blogmania the list of blogs constantly changed and I was always left wondering if I actually did get to all of the blogs that participated.

  I signed up for holiday blog giveaway so we will see how that one goes. I have high hopes and hope that it brings in a lot of traffic to my site.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blogfest 2010- some thoughts on it

So just thought I would post my feelings on Blogfest now that it is over with. I know a lot of people complained that there were way to many books but obviously for a bibliophile like myself I was in heaven. There were some take it or leave it items but for the most part I entered most of the giveaways. The tracking sheet was great. I was able to mark off the sites that I went to. I was able to write in the comments to go back and visit some who were going to be adding more items. I was dissapointed at the number of sites that did not post or posted late. I waited till sunday afternoon to check those off...gave them a chance to post. Now I just sit here with my fingers crossed hoping I win something. So far no winning notifications but for some of the sites it will take a few days.

In a few days Blogomania starts. Less blogs participating but it will be a wider variety of items and I believe all of them are over $100. So that one should be fun too. I'll post if I win anything in either of the giveaway-thons.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Post

   EEEK!!! My first post! I'm so excited. I figure for my first post I'll write what I hope and intend to do with my blog. I am a SAHM to a 3 year old boy and a 12 year old stepdaughter. I have always had a passion for reading but lately I haven't had to time or money to properly pursue my passion. I want to show other mommies that yes you can spend plenty of quality time with your kids while still getting in a book or two (maybe even more!)  a week. Most of us these days are living on a budget so I also hope to help find great deals on books.

    As far as the future of this blog is concerned I definitely plan on hosting some giveaways along with giving reviews on books. All of my giveaways will be book related but not all necessarily will they be books. Another thing I'm super excited about is that I plan each week to introduce an unknown author to everyone. How am I going to do that?  There are many wonderful sites on the web that allow people to put their writings on the internet for all to read and critique. Many of these people are hoping to become published writers. I would love to give them the exposure that want and deserve. All of my reviews will be honest and forthright. If I don't like a novel or can't get through it I will tell you why but I will also make it a point to let you know the good points of it.

   What about he kind of books you'll see featured on here? All I can say is that like most bibliophiles my love for books goes beyond one genre. There will be plenty of romance, mystery, sci-fi, thrillers, and horror and some a combination of the other. I even plan on trying to read a western or two. A number of my books are books that have been out for some time and some are brand new.

   With all that being said I hope you enjoy my blog. I would love feedback! Whether it is positive or negative I can take it! I also would love suggestions on books you think I should read. If you would like me to read something you have written (published or not) please feel free to email me at mommywantstoread at gmail.com