Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harvest Halloween Sponsor Spotlight and Interview- LaughRabbitJr

LaughRabbitJr's shop owner Delma is a mother of 6 living in Idaho. She loves to craft especially childrens items because of how delighted they become over something made just for them. With original items hand embroidered how much more special of a gift can you give? Her shop is filled with pillows, bibs, hats booties and more! Delma has so kindly offered up one of her Halloween bibs to the Harvest giveaway. Now even baby can be styling for Halloween! Anyone who makes a purchase in her shop between now and the end of the giveaway will earn an extra 10 entries. So please stop back the 14-24 for your chance to win

What is you favorite item in your shop?

I really enjoy designing and embroidering pillows about the joys of , or humor in , having kids, so those would be my favorite things in my shop and if forced to chose a favorite of those it would probably be the "Children should be seen and heard" one.... I have a messy, noisy house which I love! .

When and where did you learn how to sew?
Funny story - to get out of my all girls high school I had to take home ec. and sew something with a zipper. I paid someone to do it. ( shhhhh ) Then, a few years later, knowing nothing, I bought a Vogue pattern and sewed my own wedding dress. After that I knew I could sew anything and have since made a zillion kids outfits, costumes, doll clothes, stuffed animals and quilts. 

What is your favorite thing to do on Halloween?

Oh gosh - do I have to be honest here? I know people enjoy making costumes, dressing up, decorating, eating chocolate ( a close second ) However - My favorite thing is that on Halloween everyone's houses are lit up and while my kids trick or treat I stand on the sidewalk and I marvel at how beautiful everyone's living rooms are... I mean I am NOT able to keep a clean house and have kids! How do they do it?!?!

Do you have any tips for someone thinking of starting their own etsy shop?
My advice to those thinking of joining etsy is simple - treat your customers well. Make every $3 item with as much care as a $50 item - your happy customers are your best advertisements and you want to take good care of them. 

Do you have future plans for your shop?

The future of my shop? To just to keep designing and stitching. I have "met" so many nice people through Etsy and some of my items have found homes in lands far-far away. I hand embroider many of my items so I will never be one of the top sellers but I have been able to say "yes" to more things for my kids because I am able to be home, making and selling. Just how cool is that? 

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