Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harvest Halloween Sponsor Spotlight and Interview- MorningTempest

Crysta from MorningTempest is another one of those lovely ladies that I've come across on etsy that I just know I'll be keeping in touch with (just call me stalker girl).  I fell in love with one of her zombie bibs and hearted it but was too scared to approach her about the giveaway. So imagine my surprise when she contacted me! To say I was ecstatic does not even begin to describe it. One look at her shop and you'll see why. The creativity and quality in all of her pieces is amazing. She has managed to make zombies and other monsters look downright adorable! So come back tomorrow October 14-24 for a chance to win one of her awesome "crankenstein" bibs. Your little one will look so adorable in it!
What is your favorite item in your shop? Well, while I get plenty of love for my zombies in my shop I actually love some of the more artistic items I have there. I think that myDark Fairy tale collection and the Alice in Wonderland series are my favorites because they are light and original. They remind me of those doodles you draw on a cool rainy day staring out the window, daydreaming of something special.
Your shop generously gives to charity. Can you tell me more about that?  Sure! I love both A Wider Circle and The Gentle Barn.  They are both charities that give back to the community in different ways.
A Wider Circle is a group based out of Washington DC that not only provides clothing, furniture, and food for needy children and their families, but most importantly they work hard to provide education to those families and give them the knowledge and understanding of how to raise healthy strong children.  They teach health and wellness classes that nurture the health of our community.  There are so many groups who just simply hand out to those who reach for it, but this one actually makes an effort to not give hand-outs but help up. I started supporting their efforts by making a promise not only to myself but to my customers that I would donate one baby bib for every 5 sold.  Well… I couldn’t just let it go at that and when I looked at my box that felt so empty with just a few small embroidered baby bibs, I knew I had to fill that box.  So I went on a mission to find enough items to fill it up.  We can all find ways to fill a box for those in need.  Even if it’s just looking in the clearance racks and finding that one extra item to add to your basket, I knew I could help. I found clearance t-shirts for $2.00 and notebooks for school for $.15.  And for just a cup of coffee at Starbucks I could send a little girl to school with a new notebook, a new pencil, and a new shirt, that I knew would make her feel better about herself when she went to school. 
Then I found The Gentle Barn, another group that reaches out of the box to help others.  The Gentle Barn has found a way to help children who have been broken and abused by humans with no heart and has opened a loving environment that has taken in animals that have also seen the dark side of human nature. From barn animals, cats and dogs, to the Llamas, the animals are given love and tender care and in return they have taught the children about kindness and the ability to forgive.   I fell in love with each of the animals and their stories were heartbreaking. But thanks to the support from sponsors, the animals were able to receive treatment and then go on to be loved by the children who were brought to the Gentle Barn.   I made up my mind that I was going to do something for them too, so the Gentle Barn has become part of the charities that Morning Tempest Studios supports with the proceeds of sales.
Your browser may not support display of this image. What is your favorite Halloween costume you wore when you were little? Wow, it’s been a really long time since then.  But I have to say that when I was little I was slightly obsessed with Holly Hobby.  I had the doll that I carried around everywhere and I must have been about 3 and I was Holly Hobby for Halloween with a homemade patchwork dress and all.  And to this day, Holly Hobby is still my favorite character and is seen throughout my house with the old lunch boxes on my shelf, my mother even found an old well-loved Holly Hobby doll and gave her to me one  year for the holidays.
Where do you draw inspiration from?  I am not sure exactly WHERE it comes from, but odd things are always the most loved.  I’ve always been a little different and found that art can be just about anything.  You don’t have to settle for cutesy smooshy baby stuff, little guys can be Rockers in Training or Pirates in Training, or they can be zombie lovin cool kids.  So my shop was started to give the littlest guys some fun baby bibs with attitudes and has grown from demand to adding other items for older kids and kids at heart.
What are your future plans for your shop?  There are lots of new things ahead, people are always coming up with new ideas for custom orders and I’ve been working on taking those ideas and adding them for everyone else.  Out of those custom orders, we’ve added hoodie jackets to the future plans as well as plans for scarves and reusable shopping bags.  All of those things are available now as custom orders, and will be added soon to the shop windows for everyone to see.  But most of all my plan is for my shop to continue to grow so that I can help those who can’t help themselves and donate to my charity groups.
So my blog, if you wanted to follow up on the things we are working on, what we love, and more is or you can find us on Twitter and Facebook. 


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