Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursdays Tale: Fixed Fairy Tales- The Princess and the Pea

Ok so I know I'm not the only one who notices in our modern age just how messed up some fairy tales are. Some are not just gruesome but just plain horrible. Well, I came across this youtube series by HISHE Kids called Fixed Fairy Tales. And guess what? It is down right funny

I checked out The Princess and the Pea. A fairly harmless story on the surface. Princess shows up at a castle one stormy night. The prince's mother not believing she is truly a princess places a pea under 20 mattresses. The princess can't sleep all night long. The prince rejoices and the two are happily married.

You'll have to watch the video to see not only just what is wrong with that tale but how they decided to fix this dated tale. I can't wait to check out more of their Fixed Fairy Tales.

Thursday's Tales are a weekly feature over at CarolsNotebook.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where I'll be This Weekend: Food Truck Festival at Monmouth Park Racetrack

This weekend is hubby's birthday. What better way to celebrate his birthday then a food truck festival. This weekend March 23, 24 and 25 from 11:30-5:00pm Monmouth Park Racetrack in New Jersey will be hosting 39 food trucks. It is only $3 per person with kids under twelve getting in for free. With so many food options hubby and I plan on mapping out our day There will be craft vendors and free kids activities. So if you live in the Jersey area you may want to consider stopping by and getting some good eats at the biggest food truck festival this fine state has to offer.

Here are a list of the food trucks that will be participating
ahh La Cart
Amanda's Bananas
Betty's icebox
Chimney Cake Company
Chip Stix
Cupcake Carnivale
Dark Side of the Moo
Dellano's Food Service
El Lechon de Negron
Empanada Guy
Enzo's Pizza
Falafull Gourmet Food Truck
Five Sisters Catering
Five Sisters Creperie
Fork In The Road
Four Boys Concession
Igloo Ice Cream Truck
JT's Oven Roasted Turkey
Kim Chi Smoke
Mac's BBQ Truck
Mary Queen of Pork
Max's Hot Dogs
Mobile Mardi Gras
My Hola Paella
Oink and Moo BBQ
Pizza Vita Pizza Truck
Pompier Catering & Cuisine
Prime Kutz
Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck
Taters Half Baked
The Cow and The Curd
The Morris Truck
The Outslider/Pinch of Thyme
Tony's Italian Sausage
Toum Food Truck
Waffle de Lys
Zinna' Bistro

For more information visit or


Book Review: Darkest Before Dawn by Amelia Hutchins

So I've read one other book by Hutchins and I really enjoyed it. When I saw that she had written a post apocalyptic book  I was so there. I mean how can you go wrong with end of times, a werewolf, a vampire and a kick-ass heroine. This was a combination I just HAD to read. Warning may be a few spoilers in this review.

Darkest Before Dawn takes place after a virus has wiped out a large swath of the human population. But this is no Walking Dead zombies book. Nope... there are vampires and werewolves. Emma the main female character is a kick-ass female who has made it her mission to save as many humans as s
he can...or at least those that are worthy of living. Unfortunately not all of the population who survived are good guys. Her father long ago prepared an underground bunker. Her whole family was made fun of for her father's kooky behavior. But turns out dear old pops was right. The end of the world was coming and Emma, her brother Grayson and  Emma's best friend Addy were able to find shelter in the underground bunker. Soon more of the towns people join them. Emma becomes their leader. Soon Emma runs into Jaeden an alpha male who is more than he seems...he's a sexy vampire.

Ok so the beginning of the book was AMAZING I couldn't put it down. But midway through it started to drag for me. Emma who started off as kick-ass soon began to annoy me. The whole back and forth sexual play between Jaeden and her became annoying. As some of you know I am not a big fan of sex scenes but even I was soon shouting, "will you guys bump uglies now please." Soon enough they do and I found myself skimming ahead past longer than I prefer sex scenes (yes I know some people like overly detailed sex scenes but I'm not one of them). The ending also ticked me off. I don't mind cliffhangers (as long as there is not a 2 year wait between books). This one has a bit of a cliffhanger but it was almost like oh gotta get in one last sex scene before we end the book. If I was experiencing what was happening at the end of that book last think i would want is to be sexing it up with a vampire.  I was glad this didn't turn into the cliche love triangle (I adore love triangles but even I knew that it would be too cliche).

In the end what started off as a 5 star book has been dropped down to a 3 star. I'll still check out the next book but I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint as much as this one did.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Review: Is a Worry Worrying You? by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz

Ok so I noticed this book a while back on *Netgalley and immediately fell in love with the cover. I mean come on look at how awesome it is. When I showed this book to my son he immediately was "worried" and asked if this was a scary book. I told him let's read it and see.

This book is all about worry...what it is, how it makes us feel, and how to deal with it. It gives examples of worries and shows how you shouldn't worry about everything. It also discusses ways to get over them. All of the examples a silly but yet make their point in a way that is simple and easy for kids to understand

I LOVED the illustrations. They were awesome and really helped set the mood of the book. My son enjoyed the pictures as well though I don't think he appreciated the artwork as much as I did. It was nice to discuss worrying with him afterwards and we came up with some examples of our own. My son is classified as communication impaired so books like these are like gold to me. My son has a hard time understanding things sometimes and even harder time communicating them. Books like this make it so much easier.

Both my son and I really enjoyed this book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars

*I received a free copy of this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion
**This book was read with my special needs son who is severely learning disabled. The review reflects not only my opinion but his as well.

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How do you organize your books? Either at home on your bookshelves or on your reading-device, or on your bookish platform like Goodreads, Leafmarks or Booklikes.  – Unconventional Book Views

Ok so I have next to no organizational skills. Like I use goodreads and often mark on their the books I want to read and will kinda sorta categorize books I've read on there. These days I only read ebooks. There is no rhyme or reason to how they are organized on my phone (where I do all my reading). I don't even have them all in the same folder. I often have them in 6 different places or have them on the computer waiting to be transferred over not to mention the flash drives that have books. I'm a bit of a free book whore and will scoop up free books  from EVERYWHERE. Especially, childrens picture books. I have about 150 picture books downloaded all for free that I have yet to read to my son.  Its a sickness really.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday's Tale: Clever Grethel (Gretel) by Brothers Grimm

Thursday's Tales are hosted by CarolsNotebook. I'm just a tagger on joining her in reading tall tales, fairy-tales and retellings every Thursday.

Today's tale is one I have not seen nor heard before. Clever Gretel is the story of a cook who likes to drink. And when she drinks she likes to eat. Her master has a guest coming over and the guest is very late. Her master leaves to fetch the guest and Gretel decides to have herself a drink. One drink leads to another and then to another and soon she is eating the two chickens that were meant for her master and his guest. But Gretel is clever and when her master comes back she tells him she will serve up the food promptly. Meanwhile the guest shows up and clever Gretel tells the guest to hurry away because her master wants to cut his ears off. She then tells her master that the guest ran off with the chickens leaving the master to run off after the guest begging for one of the chickens but the guest of course thinks the master is begging to cut off one of his ears.

I have to say I actually laughed when I read this one. It was a unique tale that had a great twist of an ending. I had not realized that there was any humor at all in the Grimm stories. I really enjoyed this one and hope I can find other "clever" tales like this one.

Book Review: Double Dare by R.L Mathewson

One of my all time favorite romance series is Neighbor From Hell by R.L. Mathewson. So every time a new one comes out I immediately pounce on it and devour it. Any book I'm currently reading beware because you are going to be tossed aside like a piece of parsley garnishing a steak. I'm a bit behind though on reading this. It came out late last month but due to all of the family emergencies I didn't get to start it when I wanted to. I know super sad face.

Anyway, Double Dare tells Marybeth and Darrin's story. What makes this one so different from all the others is that it takes place during the same time as the previous book The Game Plan. So while you can read it without reading The Game Plan it is so much better to read The Game Plan first. Honestly, though start from the beginning cause Jason and Hayley's story is my favorite. But this one...oh this one is right up there. Be prepared for lots of sexy sexiness as well.

I love friends to lovers theme and this was great. It still had the NFH feel even though they have been friends all their lives. I love how alpha male Darrin is. Oh and no one does humor like R.L. I mean seriously she cracks me up every single time (she is a pretty funny lady on facebook too...but that is a different story...oh and she loves when fans stalk her on there). This one had a sad twist to it but like all the NFH it had a happily ever after ending. So as long as R.L keeps cranking out stories about the Bradfords I'm gonna devour them books like a Bradford at a buffet (don't get the reference? then read the books!)

I give this a 5 out of 5 stars