Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Harvest Sponsor Spotlight- Brynn and Amie

My son and I both adore granola. The two of us will greedily gobble it up. I especially love to put a little bit in my yogurt (soooooo yummy!). The biggest problem with today's commercial granolas is that it is full of sugar and too little of the healthy stuff. That is why I'm so glad to have stumbled on Brynn and Amie's all natural Karma Krunch Granola. They use maple syrup to lightly sweeten the granola. They also pack it full of nuts and dried fruit. It is lighter and toastier than any other granola you've tried! Check out their website where you can find other delish products such as their Very Evil Nuts and Chocolate Bliss. Come back tomorrow October 14-24 for a chance to win a bag of their granola clusters! Talk about a healthy yummy treat! Please stop by their facebook to keep up to date on their goings on!

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