Friday, October 7, 2011

Harvest Halloween Sponsor Spotlight and Review- Peeled Snacks

We've all heard that raisins are natures candy. Well at Peeled Snacks they are showing that it's not just raisins that are natures candy! I was super excited when Peeled Snacks sent me a sample of 6 of their yummy snacks to review. From the moment I opened the box I was impressed. Bright eye catching colors on their packaging brought my 4 year old son right over to see what mommy was looking at. As I turned over the packages to look at the ingredients I was shocked. There is only one ingredient in each package! If you buy their cherries you get organic cherries. If you buy the apricot you get organic apricot. Thats it! No added sugar, no added chemicals, or preservatives. Nothing added to make it look prettier and nothing added to make it last forever on the shelf like a twinkie. Just the dried fruit itself!
Peeled Snacks are gluten free, organic, all natural, and sulfite free. They have real food philosophy. What does that mean? It means sticking as close to mother nature without adding extra sugar or fats. So all you get is the super sweetness that naturally happens when you dry fruit (dried fruit is sweeter because the natural sugars become more concentrated). But don't worry they are never overly sweet! 
I know all of you are now asking but how does it taste! Well I admit to tearing into all 6 varieties they sent me (though I promise I didn't finish them off I'm going to savor them!). The first one I tried was the apple 2 the core. It was sweet and sour/tart at the same time. I enjoyed it  and so did my 4 year old. It is the perfect substitute for any kid who loves sour candies. Next I broke into the Cherry go round. I was surprised by these. They were packed with flavor and reminded me of eating mini prunes. It didn't quite have the flavor of cherries and like I said were closer to prunes. But oh how I enjoyed them! Ah but then I tried my favorite of all 6 flavors...Much Ado About Mango. I've never been much of a mango person but oh my god these were heaven! So sweet with no aftertaste. They had a lovely chewy texture that meant it took longer to eat therefore it leaves you feeling more satisfied. You MUST try this one! Then came apricot-a-lot. I admit I'm not a big apricot fan but I really did enjoy it. It was sweet and packed full of flavor. This may be the first time I enjoyed an apricot. Lastly I tried the banan-a-peel and pine-4-pineapple. I didn't care for the bannana one but my 4 year old adored it. I did love the pinapple one as it tasted just like a pineapple only in dried form. I've had dried pinapple before that was flavorless and just horrible texture. But this was definately my second favorite. Super sweet with a delightful texture. I could see so many uses with these snacks. Add them to cereal, eat them plain, add to trail mix, even bake with them!

To try out Peeled Snacks for yourself you can visit this link to find retailers that carry it or buy directly from their site. You can also find them at Starbucks throughout the US and Canada! To keep up to date with their latest news visit their website, twitter, or facebook!Ah but that is not all! Peeled Snacks has graciously offered up a sampler pack for the Harvest Halloween Hop! So stop back here October 14-24 for your chance to win your own taste of this sweet treat that very may well keep you from stealing your kids may even find your kids asking for this instead!

**I received a free sample from the sponsor and was not in any way compensated monetarily or otherwise. All opinions are 100% honest and are not in any way influenced by the sponsor. **

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