Friday, June 12, 2015

Starting Summer Reading Early

Ok so today is the last full day of school for my son. Next week he has half days. I've been doing the pee pee dance to start his summer reading. His school hasn't given him any specific assignments on what to read. There are guidelines on what they would like the children to read. But being in a special education class the guidelines don't really apply to him. I decided to set up a 100+ book goal for this summer. Sounds ambitious doesn't it? But think about 3 books a day 7 days a week is 21 books a week. In 5 weeks time I'll have all 100 books read. Now then I suspect that some days will be more books and some will be less (weekends will be tough for me as I work loooong hours on the weekends).

I've thought it over and really there is no reason not to start working towards my goal. What is the worst that happens? We waay over reach our goal. Oh no! Can there be such a thing as too many books....that was sarcasm for those of you who lack humor.

So starting today when my son gets off the bus I will be reading for the summertime. Any suggestions? Keep in mind my son is 7 with multiple learning disabilities. He is unable to read on his own and books cannot be higher than basic early readers. He is not ready for chapter books though I might try an easy one or two with him this summer.

Also, I'll be doing lots of requesting of reviews to children's book authors. I've already had a handful of them so nicely send me ebooks in exchange for my review. This is my shout out to them. Thank you so much! It is a symbiotic relationship between author and reviewer and I'm so thankful that you trust me to read and review something that I know you have worked so hard on.

If you want to follow the summer reading progress you can go to this link or click on the link on the top right hand side of the page.

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