Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Review: In A Pickle Over PANDAS by Melanie S. Weiss, RN

I decided to pick up this book from *Netgalley because I like to expose my son to different things and
thought it would be great to teach him about a not so well known illness.

This book is not about panda bears but rather a very serious and not so well known sickness. A little boy wakes up one day and doesn't feel well. Anxiety, OCD, and a general sense of not feeling well are among his symptoms. After many visits with doctors and different types of procedures he finally becomes his old self again.

This book was sad. Just looking at the pictures of the boy were heartbreaking. It was full of lots of information about the illness and the ways in which it is treated. A lot of this was not easy to understand for me as an adult let alone a small child. My son had a hard time with this because much of what was being discussed was beyond what he can understand. He doesn't understand antibodies and he doesn't understand what OCD is, nor did he understand the treatments. He did stay for the whole book but I could tell he was struggling with this one.

I think this book is best for older children or those who are suffering from the illness themselves. Young children or those like my son may not understand what is going on. Even though things are explained it may be concepts that are out of their range of understanding.

That being said for me as an adult going into it I was rather fascinated by the illness and what the treatments entail. So this makes it a bit hard for me to rate this. For me it was a 5 star for my son it would be a 3 star.

I'm going to split the difference and go with 4 stars.

*I received a free copy of this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion
**This book was read with my special needs son who is severely learning disabled. The review reflects not only my opinion but his as well

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