Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review-Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

So as part of both Potterthon and Hogwarts Reading Challenge I decided to give these books a go. I thought it was rather cute that they came up with putting out books that Harry and the gang read while they were in school. The books were also for a good cause as profits from it go to Comic Relief. These books were a struggle for me. For the most part they were nothing but a big snooze. The best part of either of them was in Fantastic Beasts where there were notes in the margins supposedly made by Ron and Harry. They were cute and really the highlight of the book. Beyond that I found myself struggling to get through the books. The books were very small and light on content. They were a wonderful concept but not wonderfully executed. As hard as it is for me to do this to anything by J.K Rowling but I have to give 1 star to Quidditch through the ages and 1 and half stars to Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.. I'm happy at least my money went to a good cause otherwise I would completely regret my purchase. Even if you are a die hard Harry Potter fan I would advise avoiding these reads and perhaps a different Harry Potter related book.

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ParaJunkee said...

Such a shame. I figure they were just put out there to generate money on the coattails of HP. You wonder if JK even wrote them. Sigh. I love HP also, but I haven't worked up the nerve to read any of these. Probably won't, I'm never one to read companion pieces.

I'm a little late in coming, but I finally made it from Follow Friday. Thanks for participating. XOXO Parajunkee

Lori said...

Hmm I was thinking when I saw your post, "I need to read those!" but now...I don't think I will! :) Have you read Beetle the Bard? I did like those!

MommyWantsToRead said...

Lori, I haven't read it yet but it is on TBR pile. I was so throughly disappointed with these books. It was just such a cute idea that when so very wrong. Like parajunkee said you really have to wonder if it was J.K. who wrote it or someone else. It really did not read like anything else she has ever written.