Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going Nuts!

So for the longest time I've been going nuts trying to remember a book I read when I was a pre-teen. I could only remember certain parts of it and have been going crazy searching on the internet for it. I remember that it had to do with a couple of brothers and sisters meeting Morgan Lefey and them helping her and ending up in different reality and there was a dragon or some sort of serpent that would wrap itself around the wrist of one of the girls. And they would travel through a mirror to get to the other world.  There was also a sequel to it. Well after nearly a year of searching I found it today! I'm so exstatic. It is called Night of the Solstice and surprise surprise it was written by L.J Smith! The same L.J. Smith who wrote the Vampire Diaries. When I was an older teen L.J Smith was one of my favorite authors (so glad she is popular again) and now it turns out she wrote one of my favorite books as a pre-teen. I'm now going to have to look for a copy of both Night of the Solstice and the follow up book Heart of Valor. Even more exciting is I went to her website and she is considering writing a third book after she finishes up the Vampire Diaries and Strange Fate. BTW if you haven't read the Vampire Diaries yet please do they are so much better than Twilight. OH and check out her other series Forbidden Game. I swear when I was a teen I read the books in Forbidden Game like 10 times.

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