Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review- Never Tempt Danger

Just a quick warning that this review may contain some spoilers. I had a hard time getting through this book. It is not that it was poorly written. It just really wasn't my cup of tea. The book is a techno-romantic thriller. I wish there had been a bit more emphasis on the the thriller part and less on the romantic. The basic plot of the book is good. It is about a woman named Gilly who has psychic abilities. She works with robots and is able to psychically connect with and control them. The book opens with her at a restaurant with her boyfriend who is in the middle of proposing to her. He is shot and she is on the run for her life. Along the way her ex-lover shows up and helps to protect her while she finishes her work on her robot. I did love the cover of the book with the look of circuitry and the sexiness of the womans back (better than heaving bosoms). Here is where we come to what I did not like. Number one the ex-lover's name....Lucas Danger. Ugh talk about a stereotypical romance name. It leads to the obvious tie-in with the title. But come on do you know any one with the last name Danger?  Number 2 Danger is a very needy man who just came off as petulant and whiny to me. He constantly harps on the fact that she didn't reveal her psychic abilities to him when they were first dating and refuses to understand why she might keep that a secret. Number 3 every other page was about how sexy the one character found the other. I started to find myself rolling my eyes over the flexing muscles or when one would stare at the other persons "sexy lips". There was more action between the sheets than there was actual action. I'm not a prude by any means but I found myself flipping past the sex scenes. This book simply put was not for me. It was well written but I like a little romance with my thriller not a little thriller with my romance. If that made any sense. I can see where some women would love this especially those big on erotic love scenes. I did like that she was a strong willed woman who was not afraid to fight. For me this was just a 2 star book.

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carolsnotebook said...

Sounds like the premise had potential. It's a shame it didn't work out for you.