Monday, January 10, 2011

1001 Books to Read Before You Die

Ok I swear this is the last reading challenge I join. I'm joining in quest to make a dent in the list of 1001 books to read before you die. You can find the list of books all over the web. I'm going to have to sit down at some point and figure out how many of them I've already read. here are the levels of participation I'm hoping to reach Bachelor's this year.

High Schoo Diplomal: 5 books from the list
Bachelor’s Degree: 6-10 books from the list
Master’s Degree: 11-15 books from the list:
PHd: 16+


Jenners said...

This sounds like something I should probably do ... I've been trying to "fill in the gaps" in my own reading and read more books I SHOULD HAVE read but haven't.

Musings By Michele said...

Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to checking in on your reading progress. Have a great week!