Friday, January 14, 2011

Fairy Tale Fridays- Kisa The Cat

This is Alice in Wonderland But it still works for Kisa
This week for Fairy Tale Fridays I chose to read an Icelandic Fairy Tale called Kisa the Cat. As I mentioned last Friday I love different and unusual fairy tales. This one I had never heard of before. I picked a country (Iceland) and then did a google search of fairy tales from it. This fairy tale has a lot of the hallmarks of your typical fairy tale childless couple wishes for a child, princesses, talking animals, giants, gruesome violence and of course the happy ever after. Without giving away too much of the tale (in case you want to read it yourself), it begins with a queen talking to her cat about how she is jealous that the cat has a kitten but she herself does not a have a child. The cat promises her she will see if anything can be done. The queen has a little girl and every night the kitten sleeps with the baby. Till one day the kitten disappears. Years later when the child is playing she comes across the cat who reminds her of the times they would sleep together in her cot. Eventually one day the child wanders away and....well if I were to mention anything else it would be a spoiler. Reading this you could definately see the similarity among many different well known fairy tales. I've always found it interesting how there are common threads you see through out many different tales across many different countries. I give this tale 4 out of 5 stars.

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carolsnotebook said...

I like your idea of picking a place and then finding one of their fairy tales.

I always give away the endings when I do fairy tale posts. Don't know why, really. Probably because so many of the traditional ones end differently than I always thought.

Tif said...

I'm trying to get past the artwork you posted because I love that artist's work! In fact, she has contracted with this gal to print her fabric exclusively and she makes the most gorgeous bags from it! Holler if you are interested in the site!

Since it is about the fairy tale . . . I love that you randomly picked a country and read a tale. I did that a bit this past year and loved discovering tales that I was not familiar with. I look forward to reading this one!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

This sounds pretty intersting. I have this book I got when I was younger that has stories from other countries. It's great.

-Lauren from Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

Lazy Girl said...

How interesting! I would totally read different fairy tales every week. Sounds like a cool reading challenge :)