Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review- Night of the Solstice L.J. Smith

I had read this books years and years ago. In fact the last time I read this book I was probably in 5th grade. I have very fond memories of this book. As and adult every once in a while I would think of this book and could not for the life of me remember the name of it. I could only remember a few small details. Details so small that Google searches brought me nothing. Finally, about a month ago I thought of the book again and tried one more time to look it up. This time it was a success.

The plot of the book is centered around 4 children. Claudia the youngest sibling is approached by a vixen one day and is given the task to help free the vixen's mistress the sorceress Morgana. Claudia gets her older sisters and brother to help her. The sorceress Morgana is a prisoner in Wildworld which can only be reached through the mirrors in her house. A bad sorcerer by the name of Cadal Forge has plans on coming through the mirrors on the night of the Solstice to take over and destroy all of human kind. It is up the children to find Morgana and prevent Cadal Forge from crossing over to our world.

Rereading this book was an absolute joy for me. While I remembered many parts much of it was like reading it for the first time. Just as when I was younger I loved this book. When I was younger I felt like Claudia (seeing as I was a younger sister) but longed to be brave and strong like Alys. It is only now as an adult I can appreciate the brainy Janie who was always annoying in the books but it was because she was too smart for her own good. She is sort of like Hermione from the Harry Potter books. The brother Charles is your typical wise-cracking fun loving dude. It is amazing how all these things that are so popular in books right now L.J Smith was writing back then. Nymphs and sorcerers, Arthurian legend, winged serpents, strange monsters. The book holds up well even after all these years. Though I think one of the main differences is that these days kids carry cell phones around with them. This is purely a children's book and not really meant for teenagers. Though I'm sure they would enjoy it too. I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars! It may be partially from fond nostalgia and partially from just plain loving the book.

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