Monday, February 14, 2011

Review- Perfectly Matched by Maddie James

So last night I realized with horror that my mini-challenge for Hogwarts 2011 reading Challenge was not completed and that last night was the last night for it. So thanks to a friend who lent me her ereader for this quick read to fulfill my mini-challenge.

Perfectly Matched is the story of a young woman named Mary Lou. Mary Lou has a crush on country singer Nash Rhodes. Chef and cookbook author Suzie Matthews decides to step in and play matchmaker for the two seemingly opposite people. Because rather conveniently  Nash just happens to be playing a concert at Suzie's husband's lodge.

This was a very short ebook. However it did pack in a whole lot of romance. Imagine if you take a regular sized romance novel and just chopped out all the unromantic parts...that is basically what you get here. Or like when you go back and reread a romance but only read the juicy or overly romantic parts. There is not much time for character development but the characters are believable. That have that small town countryish feeling to them. I do wish the book had been a bit more in depth but it was a pleasant enough reading. There are more books in the matchmaking chef series. I may just check them out when I need a quick romance. I did however notice that all of the covers for the series are of the same picture just different colored filter used on each. Which for this cover loving gal is a no no. I give this 3 and half out of 5 stars.

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