Friday, February 4, 2011

Fairy Tale Fridays- Pecos Bill Rides A Tornado

This week I decided to go with an American Folktale. So while not strictly a "fairy tale" I think it still falls under the requirements. This is a very short tale but there are a bunch of inter connected tales dealing with Pecos Bill. In this tale it is said that no horse can buck Pecos Bill. He heads up to Kansas and decides to ride the biggest meanest tornado that anyone had ever seen. He rides it all the way to California where he finally falls off. This is the only time he has ever been bucked. The lore is that is how rodeo started. It is a very cute tale and definitely purely American. Of course for me what I really remember from my childhood about Pecos Bill I learned completely from Disney...Remember the old cartoon? Remember when Disney actually showed cartoons not just cruddy kids shows? Here are links to the old cartoon on YouTube
Pecos Bill- Part 1
Pecos Bill- Part 2


Anonymous said...

I think the thing I like about tall tales, like Pecos Bill, is that they are so distinctly American. I may have to read some with my daughter soon. I sometimes feel like she's missed out on a lot of the traditional tales.

MommyWantsToRead said...

Carol, I completely agree. There are so many tales that children just don't learn these days. Paul Bunyon, John Henry, Johnny Appleseed...all so important to our history and culture and yet they don't really touch on it. Growing up I admit most of my exposure to such things were through the old Disney cartoons. But they were also still somewhat taught in school.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oh how fun!! i had no idea these were online!! thanks so much!!