Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review- Etsy shop escentualcreations

Normally I don't do reviews on giveaways I've won (other than books). But a while back I won a gift pack of soaps and candles from escentualcreations etsy shop and well I'm in love. They have such wonderful collection of items such as olive oil soaps and wonderful smelling votives. The real surprise for me and what caused me to write this review was their Lettuce olive oil soap.This soap is the most amazing smelling soap! I can't even describe it but if I had a bottle of this stuff I would wear it as perfume. I was actually disappointed when my bar was all used up. Their soaps leave no residue and smell so wonderful (again you must try the lettuce!). Their votives are pleasantly scented and last a long time. All in all I would I highly recommend this shop! They also have $1 sampler soaps made from the leftovers of other soaps. So you never know what goody scent you will get. All of their candles normally $4 are on sale for$1.66 each! So please check out their shop. Oh and let me say it one last time you must must must try their lettuce soap!

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BookGeek said...

Lettuce soap?? Hmmm, I do like lettuce in salad, but as a body wash! That's kind of awesome.