Thursday, June 9, 2011

Need to Beat the Heat? Head to the Library!

For many of us across the US the weather has been unbearably hot! I live in an upper-floor apartment with no central air. Let me tell you the heat rises and leaves it feeling like a sauna. This year our main window unit air conditioner broke. Since we don't have huge windows we are stuck with stagnant humid air. Ugh it is horrible. So what is my solution? Well I could hole myself up in the bedroom with the working unit and blast it till my electric bill skyrockets. But no I chose another alternative. I packed up my laptop and some icy water and braved the mid day sun with my 3 year old toddler in tow. We walked the 8 minutes to our local public library. The second we stepped inside we were greeted with an arctic blast of cold air. Ah so refreshing.

So if your house is unbearably hot why don't you take a trip to the library. Many libraries have free wifi and the best part is you can grab a book or the latest issue of your favorite magazine find a cozy corner and dig in for the afternoon. What better excuse for making time to read than having to keep cool? And you can do it without spending any money.

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