Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Etsy Shop Profile- ReadingsByKat

Today I'm happy to bring to you the profile of a different kind of shop on Etsy. Shop owner Kat from ReadingsByKat specializes in intuitive tarot card readings and custom witchy-ware. Her prices range from $3 for a simple 3 yes or no question reading to $45 for a detailed love reading. She has also started a line of mommy and me magic including things like faerie powder and crystal kits. To keep up with all of her latest news including giveaways check out her Blog:
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 How did you learn to read Tarot cards and for how long have you been doing it?
I've been reading cards for over ten years now and it's difficult to answer the 'how' I learned as it just sort of happened.  One of my college friends bought a deck and we all just started playing with it, working with energy and reading for each other.  Even before I knew the 'standard' meanings of the cards, I pulled images and meanings from the cards and kind of translated them into readings for people around me.  Since then I've taken multiple workshops and classes as well as worked with other readers to keep learning more about the cards and new ways to use them.
What are the most common questions people want answered during a reading?
This question makes me smile.  I attended a divination workshop recently and learned the questions I am asked most commonly are the same questions people asked the Oracle at Delphi so long ago.  Humans haven't changed that much and they want to know about love and money.  "How can I improve my relationship with my: husband, boyfriend, sister, ect.?"  "Am I on the right track with my career?"  These questions are typical and also important to just about all of us.

What is your most popular candle spell?
On etsy it's a tie between the Prosperity and Abundance and the Faerie Powders (for the kids).  On ebay it's 100% the Re-Kindle the Romance kit.  However, many of my available kits have been written because of a custom request.  I love custom spell crafting; getting out my sources and supplies and scrawling notes all over the place... super fun!
I'm also always trying to expand to different spell types, like knot magic, sachets and crystals.  My goal is to have simple effective magic that anyone can do and has options for more experienced magick workers to add to. 

What do you tell skeptics?
If for some strange reason a skeptic actually decides to get a reading from me, I typically don't treat them any differently than my other clients; I tell them what the cards mean and also how they relate to each other and the client's situation.  Much more often than not, they walk away with their mind changed, at least for a little bit.  Thankfully I have yet to run into a rude skeptic, otherwise this might be a different answer. 

Have you ever had to give someone bad news during a reading?
Yes, and believe me it is just as difficult for me to say it as it is for the person to hear it.  I try to make it as compassionate as I can while still making sure the meaning gets across.  My worst experience was a reading for a gentlemen about his future health.  I threw the cards once, put them back, re-shuffled and pulled cards that while different, had the same meaning.  My hands shook as I typed up the reading, I sent it with a note that said I hoped I was wrong and re-funded his money.  Since then I rarely answer health questions.

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