Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review- Lure by Stephanie Jenkins

Ugh first let me say I hate my laptop and I hate blogger. Between the two I just lost my entire post on this and now have to rewrite it again! Anyway I eagerly turned to this book because the second I saw this cover it hop skipped and jumped to the top of my TBR pile. So I was even happier when Annie from sent me a free copy to review. That fits right into my budget but honestly this book is at a great price you can get it for .99 from both amazon and smashwords!

17 year old Charlotte has had a hard life of late. After nearly drowning at a party where she becomes very drunk Charlotte finds herself changed. She no longer craves food but instead greedily drinks up salty water. She constantly finds herself waking up on the shore only to find out hours later about yet another man who has died at sea. Charlotte is a siren. Scared at the "monster" she has become. She doesn't know who she can trust till she meets another siren and her sister. As if things aren't bad enough Charlotte also has to contend with a crazy goddess who has sent out a hunter to kill her and the other sirens. Can Charlotte find true love in order to save her soul and mortality? Can Charlotte fight off the hunter who seems to find her every time she sets food in the ocean?

I really enjoyed this book. Though I did think a few parts could have been cut and it would still be just as enjoyable but a bit shorter. What struck me the most about this book is that aside from the whole siren thing it is true to teenage life. There is not white washing of teenagers. They smoke, have tattoos, sex, drink, drugs, and curse. None of it is blatant nor over the top. It just is. That's how real life is. I'm sick of books that seem to forget how teenagers really are.  It's not all goody goody gumdrops people. I enjoyed the love interest in the book. There were  sparks between Charlotte and Wyatt. The book was also full of enough action and twists and turns to keep me reading. I look forward to the second book (which she has begun to post teasers of on her blog). I can't wait to see what happens next. I give the book 5 out of 5 stars.


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Ooohhh this sounds interesting to me and I'm definitely interested in reading it. I don't have a problem with the smoking, drinking, sex, and the like in YA novels. You are right, that is real life. I have a problem with the HEA that seems to accompany those things. That isn't real life. I think it sends a mixed message, but that is just me. Almost drowning after becoming drunk seems pretty realistic to me. Oh and I enjoyed your review!

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Thanks so much for your awesome review! I'm glad you liked Lure, and hopefully you'll <3 Submerge when it comes out next month. :)

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