Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy Shop Profile- LMG Design

Lisa from LMGDesign is a full time artist. She creates beautiful paintings, jewelry, book thongs and my favorite of hers upcycled puzzle pieces. I just love all of her pieces! You can check out her blog at  or visit her facebook page . She welcomes custom orders so feel free to contact her if there is a piece you would like her to make. Stop by her shop and check out all the other wonderful goodies she has!
                                                    Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Inspiration is pretty ambiguous. I tend to draw from the world around me, so nature, family, color all those things have an influence... my mood that day has an influence. But that is what makes art interesting and fun, it is ever changing.

What is your favorite piece in your shop right now?
My favorite item is the "Dreamer" Pieces of Inspiration set. I also love Gotta Paint, which is my avatar... I am in the process of making one for myself. That's the problem with my shop, I only make one of each design... and sometimes it is hard to not keep it for myself. 

Writers often suffer from blocks do you go through the same thing when creating a piece and if so how do you work your way around it?
I think it is part of the creative process.. everyone has experienced that frustration. I tend to leave the studio. Get a fresh perspective, do some yoga, get outside, play with the kids, read... anything to switch gears mentally. Then I come back with a fresh perspective, I am more relaxed and feeling more positive and that is when those creative juices really start to flow. Sometimes, it helps to not take it so seriously and just enjoy the process. 

When and where did you learn how to make jewelry?
I began making jewelry about 3 years ago, self-taught. I LOVE necklaces and earrings, so that was what I focused on at first. The puzzle pieces were a fun side project. We had so many lying around the house that I sat down with my kids for a creative exercise/art lesson and we all painted them. It was so much fun that I haven't stopped working with them, embellishing them... seeing how far I can push that medium. Book thongs were next, and those are my creative therapy. There is something so relaxing and quiet about stringing seed beads, it has a zen quality to it.


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