Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review- Maiden Flight Bianca D'Arc

So I decided to read this ebook because it fits in with the current challenge for the Hogwarts reading challenge. I thought the cover was interesting enough that I would have to check it out. Not very long in length I knew I could blow through this book.

I quickly dived into the book and was caught from the start as the main character, whose name I can't even remember, chases after a dragon who has stolen the deer she just killed. She has the rare ability to understand dragon's and the dragon decides to bring her to his rider. This is where the book takes a sharp right turn. This is also where I learn to pay better attention to all the details before I pick up a book. For this book is an erotica book. Which for anyone who knows how I am about sex in books they would be laughing right now. See it's not that I'm opposed to sex. In fact I find it strange when a book lacks characters who are doing it. I just have a problem with reading the details. I like the old black and white movies thing where it fades to black and they come back to them lying in bed smoking cigarette and just looking thoroughly satisfied. I say I'm not a prude but when I told my husband about this book and my shock at the erotica in it he cracked up and told me that I am indeed a prude.

I admit I did finish the book. If one were to take out all of the erotica it could have made for a good fantasy genre short story. But like a young girl on the verge of pubescence I found myself blushingly curious and I skimmed through the sex scenes. Some had me snorting with laughter, some intrigued, and some had me exclaiming "bullshit!". What had me claiming bullshit? Well the virginal female who barely was able to handle her mans largeness later on had no problem during a threesome taking that large penis in another much much much tighter hole. UGH! I know! I know! Oh not to mention there is a disturbing moment where the dragon goes down on her. Ick ick ick! This just had me certain that I'll never touch another erotica book again

So as you can imagine this is my lowest scoring review ever. If it hadn't been so short and if I hadn't had the stare at a train wreck response to it I never would have finished this book. Again I have nothing against sex I just necessarily like to read all about it. I give this book half a star. I would give it zero stars but the half comes from the parts that would make up a decent short (and I do mean short) story.

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