Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Etsy Finds- Honeybees

So I decided to feature some shops who have at least one item that has to do with honeybees. Why honeybees you ask? Well quite simply that is the meaning of my name Melissa. The name Melissa stretches back to Greek mythology where the nymph Melissa cared for the baby Zeus by feeding him honey. I find that rather funny as these days we know not to feed babies honey. It can cause botulism in infants under 1 years old. Anyway here some great finds!

Project Transaction is an Oakland California based company. The deal in leather making and screen-printing. They use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaners. They specialize in custom work.
From transaction's shop

Algomah Acres Honey Farm and Hive Products is based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Make a gift of their basswood, clover, and wildflower honey.  Beekeeper and crafter you can check out  the wonderful craft blog at
From algomahacres shop

CookECuts based out of Alexandria VA featured hand-cut fine paper artworks by Sarah Cooke Little. She is a full time artist, military spouse, mother of 3 and an obvious Princess Bride fan! Her works are simply beautiful.
From CookECuts Shop

Roby Baer works in pastels to create works of art that are so realistic they look like photographs. Based out of Redding CA, Roby is a self-taught artist! Great artistic ability runs in her family as both her mother and her grandma Marty were full of talent themselves. Roby sold her first painting when she was in high school!
From RobyBaers Shop

Tree Wings Studio based out of Buchanan, VA, is run by shop owner Rebekah Payne. Inspired by the simplest of things Rebekah works mostly with polymer clay. You can check out her blog at
From treewingsstudio's shop


Roby Baer said...

Thanks for featuring my artwork on your blog, how fun!!

Rebekah said...

How special to be included in your finds today! Thank you!