Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation Review- Fractured Prune Donuts

It is sad to admit but one of the first things hubby and I did when planning our Lancaster vacation was to look for donut places. The reason being that there aren't many good ones here in Jersey so whenever we go on vacation we scout out Krispy Kreme locations and homemade donut shops. Well one of the donut places we came upon was Fractured Prune Donuts. While a name like prune may not sound appealing don't let that sway you from visiting. They have a number of locations but are mostly based in Maryland.

When I walked in I instantly smelled the sweet smell of donuts and coffee. I stepped up to the counter and the friendly cashier was more than helpful especially upon hearing it was my first time there. He showed me the convenient chart they have on the counter and informed that I didn't have to stick with the flavors choices but that I could make my own. Being new to the shop I decided to pick the flavor combinations they already came up with. I picked a dozen different donuts and watched as he wrote each one of the lid of the box (this made it easier later for me to identify and tell my hubby which donut was which).

They have a wide variety of specialty donuts. The best part is they make them fresh right there after you order them. It was nice to see them throwing the hot donuts into the different glazes then hand dipping them into the other toppings. The donuts were delicious very soft in the middle but a nice crispy outside. Best eaten hot these were amazing. Some flavors were more well liked that others. But hubby and I oooohed over the orgasmically good creamsicle donut. Other favorites were the Blueberry Hill, the Banana Nut Bread (tied for first with the creamsicle donut), strawberry shortcake and peppermint patty. 

I think both hubby and I will definitely hit Fractured Prune again if we are in an area with one. While they were not the best donuts we ever had they were yummy and novel enough that we both agreed that it is worth the trip to one. As for the kids both greedily ate up the donuts we gave them. I give Fractured Prune donuts a 4 and half out of 5 stars rating.

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carolsnotebook said...

Oh, those look delicious. I love donuts!