Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Etsy Shop Profile- Peterson Designs

Peterson Designs in a mom and daughter team. Kelly (mom) lives in Maine and Robin (daughter) lives in California. Robin agreed to answer some of my questions. Please stop by the shop and check out their great designs. Also to keep up to date check out their facebook! Right now they are offering a wonderful 10% off discount on any one item. Just enter coupon code GIVE10 

 As a mother/daughter team do you find that you both have different tastes in the items you crochet?
My mom and I are having fun working together, but this aspect of our team just started about a month ago. She saw what I has listed online and wanted to make a few items for the shop as well. Of course we have different tastes about what we craft, she has a more classical crochet style, developed from 30+ years of crochet work. I am still learning about crochet and developing some of my own patterns as I go, finding what styles I like, but I think that it is a bonus for our store, we have items for a wider base of customers now. We are working from across the country, my mom is in Maine and I am in California, so this is a great way to feel connected and keep it touch. It is great to be able to work with her again!

What is your favorite item in your shop?
Right now my favorite item is the persimmon colored hat, it is such a cute, whimsical fun style. 
My mom's favorite is the Stars 'n Stripes afghan, especially as we get closer to Independence day.

What are your future plans for your shop?
I would love to start working with local craft fairs, Christmas bazaars, and the like. I am still learning the Etsy ropes and having fun getting to know the many wonderful people involved. 
I would like to offer a wider variety of crafts soon, I am planning on learning the basics of quilting this summer and have a handmade soap project planned for the fall. So hopefully those will turn out well and we will expand to more craft types.

Besides crochet do you do any other kinds of craft?
I currently only crochet (I dabble in knitting, but enjoy crochet much more). My mom is a much better knitter than I am. She also 
quilts and sews clothes.

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