Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Review- Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Hotel

As I said in my last post last week my family went on vacation for the first time in two years. Following the advice from biddingfortravel.com my husband decided to bid on priceline for our hotel room. Well, unfortunately my husband's sense of geography is not the greatest. Not expecting to win he bid $48 for 3 star hotel. Well we ended up winning only to find out our hotel was in Reading PA. About 45 minutes from Lancaster. We won a room at the Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Hotel.

Well, I decided to read some reviews of the hotel and was instantly disappointed. There were mixed reviews. Most of the reviews that were unhappy said that it was an old rundown dirty hotel in a very bad neighborhood and complained about parking in a parking garage. So hoping to get a better room I called the hotel and inquired about how much it would cost for an upgrade to their queen sized Jacuzzi suite. Well when he said it would an additional $20 a night I jumped on it and said yes. So we had a room with a Jacuzzi tub for only $70 a night. It was cheaper than if we were to stay in Lancaster itself (even the Howard Johnson in Lancaster was $68).

When we got there the neighborhood is a bit rundown but honestly I have seen much scarier neighborhood just a few blocks from where I live. Hubby and I actually love the old buildings there. When we walked into the hotel I was instantly assaulted with the smell of chocolate...it smelled like chocolate chip cookies. It was indescribably yummy. Looking around the hotel wasn't dirty it was just old. It had a nice charm to it. The staff was extremely friendly. When we got to our room my 3 year old couldn't stop running around exploring everything. He was fascinated by the huge "bathtub". The suite came with a couch with a pullout bed for the kids to sleep in, a nice queen sized bed, 2 tvs, microwave, large sized mini fridge, coffee maker, free wifi, huge jacuzzi tub. The view from our room was gorgeous. We could see all of the city and in the background were the mountains. And up on one of the mountains there was a Pagoda. At night they lit up the Pagoda. It was just something so unusual to see.

Overall my family was happy with the hotel. Plenty of pillows for all 4 of us. The only complaints I had is that you have to pay for parking, the shower stall was kind of small, and there was no safety bar for the jacuzzi. But that being said everything else was wonderful. The room was clean. The bathroom was HUGE! The staff was friendly and never complained when we would call to ask for extra towels or asked questions. And while we had to pay for parking the parking garage has cameras all over it. In case you didn't read my last post this was  huge to hubby and I due to the fact that the last vacation we took someone stole our minivan. There was a table we were able to pull into the middle of the room to play board games. While there were not a ton of channels there were enough that when we did watch tv no one had complaints. It was never super busy there as it is mainly a hotel for businessmen it was also very quiet.

I give the Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Hotel 4 out of 5 stars. If you are going to Lancaster and don't mind driving 45 minutes to get to places than this is the perfect hotel.

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