Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Etsy Finds- Edible Flowers

What's better than smelling a flower? How about eating one? There is something about consuming these fragrant treasures. I still remember years ago when I was in France and tried Rose petal jelly for the first time. Here are some shops who have specialized edible flowers. MMM...which one would you try first?

 SalmonBerry Origins Shop is unique. Owner Rainey "Nasugraq" Hopson is an Inupiaq Eskimo artist from the North Slope of Alaska. Rainey directly handpicks the herbs from the tundra just as her ancestors did. Check out her facebook page and blog for her latest updates. Here are her dandelion Bloom jelly, Fireweed Flower Jelly, and  Healing Tisane.

   Simply Lavender is based out of North Pasco, Washington. They are a family owned and operated farm and have over 600 organic lavender plants. All items they make are handmade and and all-natural. Check out their blog for the latest goings on. Here are their Lavender Sugar ,Organic Lavender Fudge and Sweet Lavender Mint Syrup 

Heavenly Honey Farms Shop is run by shop owner Gary. Gary is a beekeeper with hives in both Oregon and Washington.  He uses the natural method for beekeeping and tries to keep the bees to organic fields. He specializes in raw honey that is not processed, heated, filtered or altered in anyway.

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