Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Book Review: Roly Poly Monster by Charity Tober

I was very interested in this book when I saw a posting by the author on goodreads. I sent her an
email asking for a review copy. Luckily enough the author informed me of when it was going to be free on Amazon and I immediately jumped at the chance to grab a free copy.

Roly Poly Monster is a cute little monster who bounces and rolls every where he goes. He has an excitement filled day that included going to the beach. The book follows him from morning to bedtime.

Ok first these monsters are CUTE. I love that these monsters were not scary looking so this is suitable for younger children. Bright attractive colors and a really cute story line. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next Roly Poly Monster book.

My son loved this one. He told me his favorite part was the monster rolling all over the place. At first he didn't want me to read to him today but the second he saw the cover he begged me to read it to him. This one is definitely getting a reread or two in this house.

5 out of 5 stars.

BTW...The fun doesn't have to end with the book. The author has a website with coloring pages and trailers for the books. Check it out at

*This book was read with my special needs son who is severely learning disabled. The review reflects not only my opinion but his as well
**While I contacted the author for a review copy I received this book for free through Amazon during a free time period. This did not influence my opinion/review. 

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