Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Matilda by Roald Dahl

This is a classic for sure. Pretty much everything Dahl wrote had the magic touch. He was just such an amazing writer. I read this one as part of the 1001 children's book challenge.

Matilda tells the store of an extremely bright little girl who loves to read. Her parents don't take with reading and her father is crooked car sales man. Matilda sets off to school for the first time and her teacher Miss Honey is amazed by how smart the little girl is. The big problem is that the head teacher Miss Trunchbull is a meanie and cruel beyond cruel.

Now then it has been over 25 years since the last time I read this book...Eek did I really just write that? Whenever your reread a beloved childhood classic you always have to wonder if it will stand up or if growing up changes the book for the worse. I'm happy to say for the most part Matilda stands up. Of course had it been written today Matilda's family would be on their tablets and cell phones while watching tv and eating their gross (even to this day) TV dinners. Also as an adult the idea of the type of abuse and violence that Matilda and her fellow peers face is a bit sickening. I guess as a child it seems cartoonish but as an adult we realize the stomach turning reality of such things. The fact that unfortunately neglectful parents like Matilda's and the inexcusable physical and mental violence of Miss Trunchbull actually exists makes it hard to see it as silly.

That being said I still really loved the book. Matilda is a great example of a book loving child who uses her intellect to get through problems. She is always greatful for what she has and she forms such a wonderful loving relationship with her teacher Miss Honey.

4 out of 5 stars!

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