Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review: Double Dare by R.L Mathewson

One of my all time favorite romance series is Neighbor From Hell by R.L. Mathewson. So every time a new one comes out I immediately pounce on it and devour it. Any book I'm currently reading beware because you are going to be tossed aside like a piece of parsley garnishing a steak. I'm a bit behind though on reading this. It came out late last month but due to all of the family emergencies I didn't get to start it when I wanted to. I know super sad face.

Anyway, Double Dare tells Marybeth and Darrin's story. What makes this one so different from all the others is that it takes place during the same time as the previous book The Game Plan. So while you can read it without reading The Game Plan it is so much better to read The Game Plan first. Honestly, though start from the beginning cause Jason and Hayley's story is my favorite. But this one...oh this one is right up there. Be prepared for lots of sexy sexiness as well.

I love friends to lovers theme and this was great. It still had the NFH feel even though they have been friends all their lives. I love how alpha male Darrin is. Oh and no one does humor like R.L. I mean seriously she cracks me up every single time (she is a pretty funny lady on facebook too...but that is a different story...oh and she loves when fans stalk her on there). This one had a sad twist to it but like all the NFH it had a happily ever after ending. So as long as R.L keeps cranking out stories about the Bradfords I'm gonna devour them books like a Bradford at a buffet (don't get the reference? then read the books!)

I give this a 5 out of 5 stars

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