Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Darkest Before Dawn by Amelia Hutchins

So I've read one other book by Hutchins and I really enjoyed it. When I saw that she had written a post apocalyptic book  I was so there. I mean how can you go wrong with end of times, a werewolf, a vampire and a kick-ass heroine. This was a combination I just HAD to read. Warning may be a few spoilers in this review.

Darkest Before Dawn takes place after a virus has wiped out a large swath of the human population. But this is no Walking Dead zombies book. Nope... there are vampires and werewolves. Emma the main female character is a kick-ass female who has made it her mission to save as many humans as s
he can...or at least those that are worthy of living. Unfortunately not all of the population who survived are good guys. Her father long ago prepared an underground bunker. Her whole family was made fun of for her father's kooky behavior. But turns out dear old pops was right. The end of the world was coming and Emma, her brother Grayson and  Emma's best friend Addy were able to find shelter in the underground bunker. Soon more of the towns people join them. Emma becomes their leader. Soon Emma runs into Jaeden an alpha male who is more than he seems...he's a sexy vampire.

Ok so the beginning of the book was AMAZING I couldn't put it down. But midway through it started to drag for me. Emma who started off as kick-ass soon began to annoy me. The whole back and forth sexual play between Jaeden and her became annoying. As some of you know I am not a big fan of sex scenes but even I was soon shouting, "will you guys bump uglies now please." Soon enough they do and I found myself skimming ahead past longer than I prefer sex scenes (yes I know some people like overly detailed sex scenes but I'm not one of them). The ending also ticked me off. I don't mind cliffhangers (as long as there is not a 2 year wait between books). This one has a bit of a cliffhanger but it was almost like oh gotta get in one last sex scene before we end the book. If I was experiencing what was happening at the end of that book last think i would want is to be sexing it up with a vampire.  I was glad this didn't turn into the cliche love triangle (I adore love triangles but even I knew that it would be too cliche).

In the end what started off as a 5 star book has been dropped down to a 3 star. I'll still check out the next book but I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint as much as this one did.

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