Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back Again?

It has been a crazy few months. My husband became very ill and spent some time in the hospital. Then came the business of life. Hurricane Irene didn't help either. But I'm back. I had some wonderful sponsors lined up to do some back to school giveaways but have decided it wouldn't be fair to them for me to do it now while I'm not 100% certain that I'm going to continue blogging. Don't get me wrong I've missed it very much. I love doing giveaways and letting people know my opinion on things. However, I don't want to neglect my family in the process. For the 4'th time in one year my husband almost lost his leg/life and it kind of puts things in perspective. So for now I'm back and will do reviews and as always show my obsession with Etsy. As far as giveaways go I can't make any promises but if I can get back in the swing and bring back up readership I'd love to do a fall type giveaway or at least something for Christmastime  I haven't done much reading in all my time away. I've picked up and discarded books sometimes midway through sometimes half a page through. I've finished one book in all this time. So being away from blogging has NOT helped me in the reading department. Anyway, thanks to those who are still around!

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