Monday, August 22, 2011

Please Vote for me

As some of you know I'm on a journey to getting healthy again. Among my goals is to do RAGBRAI (a 7 day bike ride across Iowa). If you are on facebook please vote for me to win a 3 months membership to BMIQ weightloss. You can vote once a day. If I win the grand prize I plan on sharing it since I get to pick two friends to join me. I'm going to pick one of the other people who is entered and I'm going to pick a mommywantstoread reader. So if you have more than 60lbs to lose please help me win and I'll help you win. Leave a comment on here if you would like me to pick you to join me on the weight loss journey and please tell me why.

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SusieQTpies said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog and entering the 101 Hearty Recipe Gooseberry Patch Cookbook giveaway! It ends tomorrow and I posted a 10 entry bonus. So stop over before tomorrow night and claim it! It is VERY easy to do and you'll learn about the next GBP cookbook giveaway! direct link:

Please make sure you are doing the mandatory entry and that I can verify it. That is the only way any of the other entries will count. I am going through checking all entries.

Thanks, I voted! G'luck
xoxo SusieQTpies