Friday, September 16, 2011

Board Game Review: Power Grid- Factory Manager

The original Power Grid  game is a household favorite. We have spent many a gaming session playing it. So when we were on vacation in Lancaster and stopped by a wonderful gaming store (sorry forgot the name of it) we picked it up. Stepdaughter practically begged hubby for it. So they worked out a deal where she paid for half and we paid for the other half. It makes me smile to know that our 13 year old loves board gaming just as much as we do. No Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders for this family!

Power Grid Factory Manger has players building and running their own factory. You must strike a balance by buying machines and robots to run said machines from the market. All while trying to effectively run your factory.

This game is nothing like the original Power Grid. The only thing that resembles it is the artwork.This is a much faster paced game as there are only 5 rounds. Power Grid can take well over an hour to play whereas Factory Manager can be played in about 30 minutes. Even though the main game board is smaller than in P.G. the game still takes up a big amount of space. We have only managed to play it once so far but we enjoyed it. We were left some confusion and questions as is normal for a new game. But thank goodness for BoardGameGeek who always has the answers to our questions.  I didn't enjoy this as much as P.G. but  I love it is a much faster game. I would give it 3 and half out of 5 stars. Whereas original P.G gets 4.5 out of 5.


carolsnotebook said...

I'm not a big fan of Power Grid, but the guys I play with really like it. It's just a little too much math for me. Factory Manager might actually be more up my alley.

We like 7 Wonders. It's quick and fun. Not too complicated, but hard to figure out a "winning" strategy. My daughter's 11, enjoys it, and is pretty even with the rest of us.

karaskraftykreations said...

We LOVE Apples to Apples, its fun and hilarious to see what answers everyone comes up with...We have the Party Crate AND expansion, were hard pun intended :)

Ai Sakura said...

hey fellow mummy thanks for dropping by my blog. do come by often. i'm following u on GFC now :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka