Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday's Tale: King and King by Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland

Being that it is banned book week I thought it would be appropriate to read a modern fairytale book that has been challenged/banned from schools. In King & King a young prince still has not married. Princesses from far and wide come to the castle. But the prince is not interested in any of them. Though the prince's page falls in love with the princess from Greenland. Soon all that is left is one Princess. Princess Madeleine enters with her brother Prince Lee. It is love at first sight. The prince has fallen in love with Prince Lee. They both exclaim "What a wonderful prince!". Soon they are married and all the rejected princess attend their wedding. At the end the two share a kiss.

Normally, I would read this book with my son. But as I read it this morning while he was still in school but I plan on reading it to him later. Why? Because we are an LGBT friendly family. This book has been challenged many times all because two princes fall in love and share a kiss. There is no propaganda to this book. It is a straight forward fairytale that just happens to feature two gay characters. I love that there are books out there that now for children that feature gay characters. I honestly wish there were more. As a society we need to get over our hatred for others.

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