Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday's Tale: Don Joseph Pear by Thomas Frederick Crane

Don Joseph Pear is a fairy tale from Italy. It is in Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Frederick Crane. I had never heard of this one before but thought it looked interesting.

Three brothers own a pear tree. They notice that someone keep picking their pears. So one by one the brothers stay over night by the tree. The first two fall asleep but the third one, Don Joseph, stays awake and catches a fox trying to steal their pears. The fox convinces Don Joseph to set her free and that she will have the king's daughter marry him.

Two times the fox hunts and brings a large amount of game to the King. He visits the king a third time and asks for a measure so the King will think Don Joseph is rich. 

Eventually Don Joseph marries the King's daughter and goes to live in castle that used to be owned by an Ogress. The fox kills the Ogress by convincing her to hide in the well when Don Joseph and the kingsmen ride up to the castle.

One day Don Joseph throws dust on the foxes head and the fox threatens to tell his wife everything. Don Joseph throws a clay pot at the fox killing her. Don Joseph is left with all of his riches and his wife after killing the fox who got it all for him.

This story was really fascinating. You can't help but feel bad for the fox in the end since she did all the work and Don Joseph just kills her and still gets to keep everything. It's frustrating when people who don't deserve things win them anyway. But that is how the real world works all the time. 

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