Monday, September 28, 2015

I Hate Hospitals

So yet again I've been blindsided by a family emergency. This time it was my husband who spent a week in the hospital. Good news is that he is on the road to recovery and that he should be up and running back to his old self sometime soon. I've been sick with a horrible cold myself.

I'm just getting really sick of hospitals. This year has seen my father in and out of the hospital from a severe case of cellulitus, c-diff, and complications with his kidney (he has only one functioning kidney). My mother in and out of the hospital with c-diff, cellulitus, and a broken foot. My mother-in-law who had cancer that once she was diagnosed with she passed away from it less than six weeks later. Now my husband who was in afib (abnormal heart rate). All I can say is please please please no more hospitals.

So now I have a huge amount of emails to go through. I have to get caught up on all my reviews...honestly I almost walked away again from blogging because this is such a daunting task. All I can do is trudge forward and just hope to catch up and that no other tragedy strikes.

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