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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Most Read Authors

I wasn't going to participate in this weeks top ten but well...I couldn't resist. I was curious as to what I had listed as my most read authors so I hopped over to goodreads to take a look. It was rather surprising I must say! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish


Christopher Pike - According to goodreads I've read 37 of his books. When I was a teen he was an author that I read everything he wrote. I read them all more than once and did the peepee dance till the next Pike book came out. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I was missing a book or two on there that I read. Might be time to go back for a reread and see how much difference 20 years makes.

Stan Berenstain- 36 books. Well, this one makes perfect sense as the Berenstain Bears books were among my favorite books as a child. I still have a few from when I was little and yes I do read them to my son. In fact one of my earliest memories of reading was me reading a Berenstain Bears book to my mom while we cuddled on the couch. It is a good memory and probably one of the reasons I still love the books to this day.

R.L. Stine- 31 books. Another staple of my teenage years. I was obsessed with the Fear Street books. I only read one or two of the Goosebumps books but they were for younger readers than I was at that time (now of course I don't care what the age is on books I read them all). Again it has been about 20 years since I've read a lot of these.  Also I'm pretty sure I haven't marked all the ones I've read.

Julie Garwood- 29 books. This particular one makes me sad. Garwood used to be my favorite romance author. She wrote the best historical romances. Great alpha male heroes and lovable heroines. But then she decided to move to contemporary romance it just wasn't the same. I know she released another historical a few years back but my understanding is it just didn't have the charm that her older ones had. I've pretty much turned my back to historical romances now that I've lost my favorite author for them.

V.C. Andrews- 25 books. I stopped reading the books under V.C.'s name a long time ago. The ghostwriter of her books at first did a fairly good job. But every book after the Cutler series was pure junk. I made it through a few books of the next two series but it was just not the same. Andrews had a way of creeping you out and keeping you reading. This ghostwriter is just a hack. When I saw a few years ago that he wrote a vampire series under her name I nearly puked. I mean seriously? Vampires? Anyway I WONT be reading any more of the books that come out. VC died many many years ago and to continue to write under her name is all about the money and nothing more.

L.J Smith- 24 books. Ah here is another one that makes me sad. Loved LJ's books so much when I was teen. I read them over and over and over again. Especially the Forbidden Game books. Most people know her for the Vampire Diaries books. And that is where the sadness comes...she no longer writes the Vampire Diaries books. It is sad that she could not retain control of her own creation.

Linda Howard- 24 books. In my 20's I couldn't stop reading Linda Howard she was a favorite for sure. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I read one of her books. Maybe it is time to catch back up. For a while there I couldn't get enough of her books.

Carolyn Keene- 20 books. Ah I fondly remember being in the fourth grade and trying to sneakily read a Nancy Drew book during math. My teacher of course caught me. She was mad/proud that I was reading. My parents didn't even get mad. How can you be mad for a child being so passionate about reading? When I was younger I gobbled up the Nancy Drew books like candy. When I was in 4th grade it was all about Nancy!

Iris Johansen- 15 books. Here is another author from my 20s that I had adored. Unfortunately though she became a bit obsessed with one of her characters and after that I was bored out of my mind by her books. If she ever decides to step out of that cannon and write other books I might start reading again but I'm sick of Eve Duncan.

William Shakespeare- 14 books. Ah, you are surprised by this one aren't you? Well, I was an English Literature major and took 2 different courses focused solely on Shakespeare. So of course I've read a good number of his plays. Some I've read 3 or 4 times (or 7 in the case of Hamlet...this one not by choice). So good old Willy making an appearance on my list seems rather appropriate.


Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh you've struck a chord with my on L. J. Smith! I looooooooved her Forbidden Game trilogy! That was actually the first series I've read by her. Then came Vampire Diaries! I was elated in...what was it 2009?...when they brought the series back! I heard the first trilogy of the comeback was written by her, but after that. Nope. I never fully understood it either. I knew it was legalise and something like that. But that's what I don't get. How can the publishers own her idea and not her? And was it seriously all because she made a possible love connection with Elena and Daemon? Because hello? The TV show was doing that too! No one cancelled that! Though really I don't think that show ever even started out like the books did. Only in the vaguest sense of the word!

I still need to read her Night World series and Dark Visions! I have all those compliations in my TBR stacks. Though I do own the original Vampire Diaries cover and the original Forbidden Game compilation cover! My HPB had the set of original covers, but I couldn't see myself buying them for whatever reason. Besides money constraints, I have the retro compilation cover, so that was good enough for me! I even have 1 original cover of the Night World books! HPB had those too, but since I bought the newer versions already compiled and unread, I couldn't see myself buying them.

Plus, all those were wrapped up in separate packages and despite the sale price, I was learly because I like to inspect my books before I buy them! LOL! Book nerd problems I guess! ;)

Great post! And sorry for the overly long comment!

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Have a GREAT day!

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said...
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Jessica @ a GREAT read said...
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Carrie said...

I love Julie Garwood's books!!

Priyanka Booklion'sHideaway said...

I used to sneak Nancy Drew books and read too! Except I never got caught. LOL
I've heard of Julie Garwood's books, unfortunately but I've yet to read them. I plan to read some soon.
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