Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday's Tale: The Goblin Pony

One of my favorite blog features I used to do was Fairy Tale Fridays. Well, it looks like Carols Notebook is still doing this after all these years. But it has turned into Thursday's Tales. So I'm happy to dive right back in and enjoy reading old classic fairy tales and brand new ones I've never seen before.

Today I read The Goblin Pony from The Gray Fairy Book by Andrew Lang {1900}. This was a new and unfamiliar tale for me. Though like so many fairy tales it had a gruesome ending.

Old Peggy warns her grandchildren not to leave the fireside for it is Halloween night. But all of her grandchildren have some excuse for going out into the moonlight. When they are outside they come across a black pony. All of the children hop onto its back and as they gallop away more of their friends hop on the pony's back. The pony takes them to the ocean where they all drown. The next morning Old Peggy tries to find the children but there is no trace of them. She comes across the black pony who neighs and runs past her.

This is obviously one of those stories to keep children from wandering off. The children were warned that going out was a bad idea but they ignored their widened old grandmother and ended up drowning. It reminds me of so many other tales where bad children have horrible things happen to them. I also was partially reminded of the mythical creature selkie. 


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carol said...

Wow, that makes quite a point, doesn't it? I've never read that one. I'm glad you're joining in.