Monday, December 19, 2011

Undiscovered Shops Monday

All of these shops have less than 30 sales. Lets show them the love by hearting their items or better yet buying something!

SketchandEtch is based out of Vernon B.C. Canada. Shop owner Michelle carves names, logos, artwork and designs on a variety of mediums by use of sandblasting. Custom work is available and she ships to both US and Canada. You can check out her website at Here are some of my favorite items from Michelle's etsy shop.

PeaceLoveTruffles has made my mouth water. The shop just opened in November. You can keep up to date with them through Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the tasty treats you can buy there.

Chrysanthemum Yum is a vintage lovers dream come true. Full of gorgeous vintage clothing, canisters and mugs...this shop is sure to delight.  Here are some of the clothes I would love to wear!

 VCrossingStitches is chock full of vinatage patterns for the person who love to cross stitch. There are so many cute patterns that I'm seriously tempted to give one a try. I haven't cross stitched in a few years since teaching myself how to crochet but I've been feeling the itch lately. The best part is that all of their patterns are digital downloads so you don't have to wait for them to ship. You'll receive the pattern in your email along with a list of floss you'll need. Here are few patterns that set me a titter. 


Roni E. said...

I love vintage and I love Etsy! That orange-y dress is so pretty!
I love your blog. It's so different than the ones I normally follow. I like different. :)
So, have you read the children's book, "The Giving Tree"? I LOVE that book. It makes me tear up every time.

Melissa said...

Roni, OMG I love that book. Shel Silverstein was a god to me when I was little. I memorized so many poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends and I would beg my mom to read The Giving Tree to me like every night. LOL as for my blog thanks. I really wanted a book blog but then I discovered Etsy and didn't want to do a separate blog for it so I just went ahead and posted the etsy stuff to it.

Roni E. said...

Ahh! Shel Silverstein was my author-god as a child, too!! I literally checked that book (Where the Sidewalk Ends) out as soon as I checked it back in - just to be officially cleared of library fines! :) It was my favorite thing in the world. I always had it on me. So funny.

carol said...

I'll have to check out the cross stitch patterns. It's one of the few types of sewing I actually enjoy.