Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Review- Altered by Kimberly Montague

Here it is my final book review for 2011!

I'm always pleasantly surprised when an author asks me to review one of their books. So when I received the inquiry letter asking if I would review this book I was tickled pink. Reading the synopsis of the book I knew right away that I wanted to review the book. I have a huge pile of books to review but something about this book made it hop skip and jump ahead of a few of the other promised review books.

Piper "Evie" Kenley, moves in with her boyfriend Jay's family after losing her parents in a car crash and her brother, Harm, joins special forces (? I can't remember and don't have my ereader on me but it was one of those military things). Moving back to the town she grew up in she reconnects with old friends and makes brand new ones. The most important new friend being the captain of the football team Devlin aka Dev Vaughn.  Evie is instantly drawn to Dev and they share a connection that leaves her feeling guilty. Meanwhile in a town nearby people are being murdered. A dare during a school camping trip involving a cave soon has hers everyone else in town's lives turned into one giant scary nightmare.

Ok so lets start with the bad. Ok so really not bad but left me scratching my head. I kept wondering why she didn't move in with her best friend and why she had to move in with her boyfriend. I also was confused for a while when they were calling her both Piper and Evie. But both questions were answered (if a bit later than I would have liked). The other thing that was a bit of a road block for me was that in the beginning it felt a bit like two separate (but very very good) books. One was a romance and the other was a paranormalish mystery. It wasn't till midway into the book that the two finally melded into one really good book. I loved this book! I really did and once I hit the second half of it I could not put it down. Literally! I was up till 3 am last night reading it. The romance was sweet and hot. Dev was the ultimate alpha male that every girl dreams of. Evie was not a damsel in distress who had to constantly rely on the guy to save her yet she was vulnerable and did need help from time to time. I liked that it was a good balance between her being kick ass (Buffy) and her being weak (Bella Swan). For some reason I was reminded a bit of my favorite YA author when I was a teen- Christopher Pike. This author has promise and honestly I'm ready to beg her to let me review the second book in the series (hint hint Kimberly LOL). She has another book out that I'm going to look in to reading also.  So now for the rating. I'm debating between a perfect 5star and a 4 and 3/4stars. I'm going to go with 5 since the ending really did make up for the tiny problems I had (yes they were very very minor problems).

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