Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Matched by Ally Condie

The moment I read the description of this book I just knew I HAD to read it. It jumped ahead of all of my other books on my TBR pile. I saw it had good reviews and it is just the type of book I'm really starting to get in to.

Matched is a book set in a dystopian world. In this world anyone who wants to get married and have children are matched when they are young. Cassia, the main character, is matched with her best friend Xander. But when she plugs in her microchip telling her about her match another boy's face appears. Soon she finds herself questioning everything and how her society is made up. She rebels against it causing a wave of events that effect her entire neighborhood.

Wow this book was GOOD...ok good is not even the word for it. Everything is determined for these people from whom they marry, when they die, what they eat, what they read, and what job they will do. While they have way more freedoms than say the world of 1984 they still have so many restrictions. There is the sweetness of new romance in here without any overt sexual tones. The characters are likable and believable.  Her parents were also a delight as they were strong characters and not just there to cause aggravation to the teen. I love that Cassia risks everything and rebels in such ways (possible spoiler alert) as learning how to write and learning poems that are not among the 100 approved. This book definitely left off with a cliffhanger and I cant wait to read the next book which is due out in November. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! If you have not read this and you are in to dystopian books run out and buy it now!

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