Friday, March 18, 2011

Fairy Tale Fridays- The Wolf and the 7 Little Kids

Earlier in the week my 3 year old son was having trouble sleeping. I had already loaded up in my Literati a book with Grimm Fairy Tales in it so I picked on at random and read it to him. The one I picked was The Wolf and the 7 Little Kids. Before reading this to my son I had never heard of it before

In this tale a mother goat leaves her 7 kids behind while she ventures into the forest. She warns them not to let anyone in the house. Soon enough the wolf comes by and tries to trick them into letting him in He claims he is their mother. But they were not tricked as their mother has a softer more pleasant voice. The wolf comes back and tries again with a softer voice but they see his paw on the window and know it is not him. He runs off to the baker and the miller to disguise his paw into looking like the mother goats. When he comes back the kids fall for it and let him in. They immediately try to hide but he finds all but one of them. He then goes a distance away and falls asleep. The mother goat returns home to find all of her children gone but she finds her youngest one who survives and the kid tells the story of the wolf tricking them. The mother goat finds the wolf and cuts him open while he sleeps and frees her children. She then fills the wolf full of rocks and sews him up. When the wolf wakes up he goes to get a drink and drowns thanks to the rocks weighing him down.

This tale was similar to the one I read a few weeks ago about the tiger witch who tricks the young girls into letting her only to have her eat the one sister.  And of course it is similar to version of Red Riding Hood I read last week where they fill the one wolf full of stones and drown the second wolf in water. I enjoyed this one especially because I loved that it was so similar to the two other tales I had already read. my son seemed to enjoy the story though at his age how much of it actually understood I'll never know LOL. I give this tale a 3 and half stars out of 5.

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BookGeek said...

Aww, I like this story too. I like that the mom simply cut out her children from the wolf's belly. Oh, good old fairy tales!