Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Daily Posts-My Etsy Finds

So I have been very bad about keeping up with the blog. Life has hit me really hard lately. I've suffered with depression through all of my pre-teen/teenage years and at least half of my adult life. Right now I'm trying to pull myself up out of my depression and so I have decided that one of those steps is to make a goal to keep on top of this blog. At the moment I have only 7 followers but hope in the next month to bring it to over 100.

To make certain that I stay on top of this I am starting a new goal of getting out a daily posting. I've fallen in love with Etsy. If you have never heard of Etsy it is wonderful website that lets individuals set up their own shop and sell handmade/vintage items. You would be amazed at just what you can find on there. If you are a creatively crafty person you might want to consider setting up your own shop. Check it out at

So what does this have to do with posting daily? I'm going to post daily my literature inspired Etsy Finds. Each posting will have at least 10 finds but no more than 20 (unless there is something extra special I just need to put on there). Starting today through the end of the year all of My Etsy Finds will be inspired by children's literature. It may be inspired by a book, an author, or well known fairy tales. I have received nothing to feature these finds and will contact each shop owner letting them know that I have featured their item. If any shop owner does not want to have their item on here I will take it down. If you have an etsy shop and/or see an item you think I should feature please email me at (mommywantstoread at gmail dot com). If it fits into an upcoming theme I'll make sure to feature it and mention that you sent me to it. Also if you like any of the items featured please check out the sellers shop and make a purchase. If you love an item but cannot buy it please at least heart the item so the seller can feel the love.

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lisalesa said...

hi there,
Thanks for including the Lorax Lamp.
I also blog at
$ of our 5 daughters, including myself suffer from depression, anxiety or social anxiety.
I have blogged about our story since 01/01/10.
Wonderful post...
Keep em' coming.