Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Finds-Procrastination Station

As you all know I'm a huge Etsy fan. Well my all time favorite team on etsy is the Procrastination Station team. What's the Procrastination Station you ask...well it is exactly as it sounds. It is a place to play word games and have fun with some of the nicest and funniest ladies I've ever met. I want to honor these great ladies by posting some of their shops. Unfortunately, I can't put up everyone so I tried to put in as many as I can. Maybe I'll do a part two post to get in even more. Come check out The Procrastination Station. Play a few games or start one of your own! All are welcome you just need to be friendly and willing to play :) 

 OurTimeCapsules Shop is an eclectic shop filled with wonderful vintage items. This shop is owned by husband and wife duo Ivy and Bill

UUEndy&Friends shop is owned by Wendy and her two cats. You'll find afghans and baby blankets in her shop but where she really shines is her play earrings. She has such cute earrings that it was hard for me to narrow down to three examples. She can make them as either clip or post. and the prices are so reasonable and the shipping is already included in the price!

EllenRay's Shop based out of Indiana is filled with her watercolor creations. She also crochets and sews. I'm totally in love with her original watercolors and her candlestick holders are just adorable.


MeiGuiDesigns shop is run by the ever friendly Julie. I literally want to own everything in her shop. I mean everything! I just spent 45 minutes going through her shop and just could not stop looking. She has some of the most beautifully crafted jewelry I've seen on Etsy. It was so hard to pick just 3 items from her shop since again I love it all!


TheMusesCall Shop is filled with items perfect for the book lover. The store is full of handcrafted cards, bookmarks and book thongs. Using inspirational quotes on her items makes them stand out from the rest. Her items are so pretty and so connected with nature and the world around us.


Ivy (ourtimecapsule) said...

Thank you giveawaymommy! I enjoyed the glimpse of the other shops. Thank you for including me. You forgot to mention that you are the inventor of a few popular Procrastination Games (including my all time favorite song game). Cheers!

MommyWantsToRead said...

LOL ahem....yeah yeah I did come up a few....was trying to you know be modest and such LOL. Though I'll admit my favorite game on there is the scavenger hunt one I came up with. But now I so totally don't seem modest LOL