Monday, December 20, 2010

Giveaway Frustration

Most people who know me both on the internet and personally know I love giveaways. I'm addicted to them. I can't pass up entering them. I have to enter a few a day. Well, recently I won a really nice prize from another blog(not mentioning any names). I was excited as it was one of the bigger wins I've ever won. But turns out that I had to give up the prize. Why? Because I don't have access to a scanner nor a fax machine. This wouldn't have stung so much had the owner of the blog bothered to put in the giveaway that one would need access to such a thing. All so I could give my signature of consent. I have never ever entered a giveaway before that requires a signature. But you can damn well bet that if I expect you to give me your signature then you will know in the details of the giveaway. Not once does it mention that I would need to fax or scan anything. This just aggravates me to no end. This person has run at least one other giveaway that I know of in the past so they are not a newbie to giveaways. Yet this person doesn't bother to put all of the details pertaining to the contest in the rules. If you expect me to fill out survey forms and give your blog consent or not give your blog consent to use my name or pictures or anything like that then you better damn well mention it in the fine print. This wouldn't be so bad but I work retail at nights. Hmmm...take a look at today's date...retail the week of xmas...what time do you think I get out of work at night. I don't have time to run to Fedex. I don't drive nor have access to car during the day and stay home with my 3 year old. Am I supposed to bundle up my kid for the cold and take a 1 hour trek to the closest place that I can fax from then the 1 hour trek back. Nope, sorry. Oh I could send a fax from work but that would be the first and last one as I would lose my job for it. So in the end I politely told them to pick a new winner. But you can bet I'm not following that blog any more and will never post one of their giveaways up here ever again.

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A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Seriously? What book was it? I've never heard of anyone having to sign a consent before...however I know of one big blogger who almost got sued by someone who won a book and claimed they never got it.. (it was sent by the publisher and not the blogger) so maybe that was the reason for the weird consent thing? Still though, they should have mentioned it somewhere.